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The Glittering Briefcase

In a distant land, within the south-south region of Nigeria, there lived a couple, Mr. Effiong and Asari with a child, Henshaw. Mr. Effiong engaged himself into fishing 🎣 🐟 which was a lucrative job then and earned himself fame through it. He was nicknamed Effisco by all. Mr. Effiong had an admirable character and being biased was not found in him. He gave helping hand to people no matter their background, he was not discriminating. He was known for his kind gestures that earned him the title  "Ada-idaha ke Efik Eburutu" in Efik kingdom in Cross River State of Nigeria the title was not for all and sundry but those who has made remarkable achievements in the sands of time.

A school girl of 17 years of age name Immy was a born and bred villager. She was unaware of the ugly situation that would befall her in the next two nights. She never realized the calamity that would visit her. Before she had left her home in the Eastern region to the South South region she was given a strong warning by her parents, to stay away from men and pay much focus on her education. She was told that men would only end up in jeopardizing her future. She was advised that men will give you great hopes but will fail you, but she will have a promising future if she does not listen to them but concentrate more on her study. This warning put into her so much fear and hatred for men.
Immy was ravishingly beautiful and had her flowers still intact. She was exceptionally intelligent. She was the talk of all the guys and everyone wanted to associate themselves with her. Both married and single men all paraded about her like men among angels 👼. Girls also where attracted to
her too. With so much pressure mounted on her by single and married men to go bed with them, she gave deaf ears. Apart from advice from her parents, she considered premature sex as repulsive and ungodly.

There on campus, there was this terrorizing gang nicknamed "the scorpion" this cult group vowed that they will not rest until they get what they wanted. And amongst them was "poison" a young boy that vowed in his heart never to let go until he swims in her stream even if it will involved rape. The guy was one of the top capons. He carried his shoulders high because of his notorious actions which which he gained his popularity and respect. He terrorized both students and lecturers and those that seemed stubborn were found dead in lonely areas.

Mr. Effiong's kind gesture endeared him to many people. He was a man of simple character. He was not full of himself.


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