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How To Be A Billionaire


         Billionaires think differently about what money is for. We see money as a way to get things. They see money as a tool to invest. We need more to get a bigger house, a nicer car, a bigger TV and all the luxuries of life. Billionaires use a little for the extras of life, and a major portion to create an abundance for life. We use a major portion on things of life, and a little bit to invest (into 401(k)s, a little to dabble in the stock market) so we can get by in life.

   As soon as we get some extra money, we look to where we can spend it. The rich rich immediately look to where the can invest it. 

The rich see money as a tool. We see money as a way to buy stuff.

        We buy today, pay a lot more tomorrow. They invest today, buy a lot more tomorrow.

            We see investing as something we do just to have enough to retire. The wealthy see it as something you do to give you an abundance. We know nothing about investing, so we tend not to do it very well.

             The wealthy see investing as a priority. So they are constantly reading, studying, learning all they can about investing. The rest of us glance at the business section and read a report or two on Yahoo stock. They spend significant portion of their lives learning how to be  great investors. We spend a moment of time reading about how the wealthy made their money investing. All while saying, "How come that never happens to me? That guy got so lucky!" No, he wasn't lucky; he was prepared. Luck always the prepared. He thought differently, and that different thinking made him lucky.
To us, investing isn't a priority. Because it is not a priority, we don't have much to invest with. Investing isn't even what we budget into our lives. We budget for clothes, going out, vacations, TVs, golf clubs and all the stuff in life. The rich, when they got started, budgeted around their investments.

We budget around our stuff. We see investing as a means for retirement. The wealthy see it as a way to catapult them into abundance. For them investing is the key to abundance. To us, investing is the key to just having enough when we retire.

We think that if we could just get a better job, we would be rich. What is funny is that if Donald Trump lost his money, I guarantee that finding a great job would not be his priority. Trump would be looking for an investment.

The rich believe that your money should work for you. We believe that we should work for our money.

"Oh if i just had a better job. If i could just get that promotion, I would be rich."
No, you would make more money, but you would not be rich. I have heard that nearly 75% of all NFL football players claim bankruptcy after they stop playing.
The wealthy saw their jobs as a tool to get money to invest. We see our jobs as a tool to get money for stuff. Think about it.

Unless we change our thinking, it will not matter how much money we make. We will never become wealthy.

If Trump lost all his money, he would not go looking for a great job to make his millions. He might get a job, but the purpose of the job would be to give him money to invest. That is the purpose of your job.
To the wealthy person, the job is there strictly to maintain your current living situation while giving you as much money to invest as possible because it will be the investing that produces wealth, not the job.

We don't take risks because we are afraid we will fail. What if it doesn't work? The rich think that if they don't take risks, they have already failed.
We ask, "What if the business goes belly up? I will be a failure." The rich think, "If i don't take a chance on the business, I am a failure."
It is often said that you cannot steer a bicycle that is not moving. It is time we got that bicycle going. It is time we step out and take some risks. The wealthy are risk takers.
Does that mean you will never fail? Absolutely not. The wealthy have failed hundreds of times more than you and i. That is why they are wealthy.

The wealthy know that failing does not make you a failure. Never trying does.

Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, said that nine out of ten businesses fail. We hear that and say that means the odds are stacked against us. We should stay away from that. We say, "I have a 90% chance that i will fail."

The wealthy says, "I have a 100% chance that I will succeed. I only have to start ten businesses to be a success."
         It didn't matter that you failed on your first nine business ventures because on the tenth, you made ten million dollars.
           Very few people have failed as many times as Donald Trump, yet he is far from being a failure.
We see risks as something we can't afford to take. The wealthy see risks as something they can't afford not to take.

Wisdom: Books, CDs
           It is amazing to me that the wealthy think differently about books tapes and CDs. The average people reads one book a year and I am talking about a love story or people magazine. I am talking about a self-help motivating book.
           The wealthy read an average of two a week. I read somewhere that Donald Trump reads two books a week and he's got billions of dollars.
       The wealthy know that wisdom is a key to abundance. They have a burning desire for more information on every area of investing from real estate to stocks to business. They constantly want to know how they can get more information on investing. The rich don't waste their time listening to mindless radio in their cars. Instead they say, "That's an hour a day, five hours a week, twenty-five hours a month, 300 hours a year, 15,000 hours in a lifetime (equivalent to twenty-four hours a day for two years straight) that i could spend listening to tapes and CDs that could benefit my life." Radio is not doing anything for their lives, but these tapes and CDs are getting them the wisdom that gets them thinking differently, which then gets them producing differently in their lives.
What is amazing is that i have the exact same amount of time in my life for doing the things i was doing before. I just gave up the one hour of mindless listening to music. I don't even miss that hour. Now when i get out of the car, I feel different. I feel changed. I feel like i have done something with my day and it hasn't even started.

We think that self-help books are a last resort to fixing the problem. The wealthy see them as the start to not having a problem.

The wealthy have a whole different way of thinking about time. We just pass the time away. We waste time. We let others steal our time. To the wealthy, time is their most valuable asset.
We think money is the most valuable thing. The wealthy say, "I can get more money but i can never get more time."
To the wealthy time is an irreplaceable resource. It is the only limited resource they have. You can replace everything in life except for your time.
You can steal the wealthy person's money. "No big deal. I can get more money."
You can take his possessions. "I can get more possessions."
The wealthy will not allow you to ever steal their time. Because time is something they can never replace.
We go through life allowing people to steal our time. We do things in our own lives that waste our time. I'm not talking about taking vacations or having hobbies, things that you do to relax. There's nothing wrong with unwinding by watching a football game. Those things are vital tools to recharge you and keep your mind fresh. As you will see, we do things that have no benefit to our lives whatsoever. Time is the thing we think we have so much of so we give it away, throw it away.
Once again, to the wealthy, time is the most valuable thing they have. They remove time wasters from their lives. They stop doing things that waste their time.
Here is an example where we all live. How many times in your life have you heard or said, "Look at me that guy with his gardener taking care of his lawn and his maid cleaning the house. Think Like A Billionaire Book


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